Surviving Schizophrenia
by Stephen C. Southon

A young woman's war with insanity!
"Diagnosed Mad! . . . Damned to exclusion?"


"Surviving Schizophrenia" - a novel by Stephen C. Southon

"This novel is riveting from the first sentence.  The heroine's odyssey through the psychiatric system is described with humour, colour and finesse. This compelling story-telling illuminates a world usually left in denial and fear by the larger community. Southon offers a way into that world that enlarges our insight, understanding and compassion as it also delights us with its deftness of touch. Like Janet Frame's "Faces in the Water", this work can provoke dialogue and reform in New Zealand's mental health system, starting with ourselves."

Madeleine Heron MPhil (Hons), BSc, BA

"Surviving Schizophrenia" - a novel by Stephen C. Southon is available at

100 000 words
465 pages
high quality print
Published by LANG Book Publishing Ltd


"Stephen C. Southon has used his lived experience to create a unique novel about surviving major mental distress in contemporary New Zealand."

Mary O'Hagan former service user and 
​New Zealand Commissioner of Mental Health

     Will Barbara Mason survive schizophrenai?  Will she complete her universtiy studies and find a professional job?  Or is she destined to become part of a dysfunctional proletariat.  Will she end up a bag lady living under a bridge with nothing to live for but a roll-your-own cigarette?

​​Surviving Schizophrenia